Hype Train: Run With Jay Ajayi and Spencer Ware!

Adam Rank and Maurice Jones Drew get on the hype train, giving you the best pickups that are taking off and need to be started on your Fantasy team!

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Sunday Morning Football
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NFL in the Blank

Halloween is just around the corner and dressing up is so much fun.

If I could dress up any NFL player, I'd make them be a ____________________ for Halloween!

9%   91%

Who Is Better?

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Murray and Henry Run Through the Jaguars D!

Tennessee Titans running backs Derrick Henry and DeMarco Murray were dominant as they helped lead the team to victory against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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Is Crabtree one of the best wide receivers in the NFL this season?

Fluffy's Week 8 Favs!

HA HA! Wow, last weekend was the best! This purrfect kitty went 3-0 while that silly dog Bert went 1-2!

How do you like them fur-balls, Bert? What's the matter, cat got your tongue? HAHAHAHA, I crack myself up.

I am feeling fluffy-good for another three-peat. Here are my cat-tastic picks of the week in bold.
New York Jets vs Cleveland Browns. Do you have as much cat-titude as me? The Browns are desperate for a win so they get a dog bone to chew on, but I can't pawsibly pick them or else Bert may think that his silly "dawgs" are superior to cats, so I'm going to be purring on the Jets.

Oakland Raiders vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Raiders season has been meow-nificent, so there will definitely be another cat treat party after this win when they scratch up those pirates.

Philadelphia Eagles vs Dallas Cowboys. My third pick is going to have feathers flying as I've sent the Cowboys to pick on little these birdies. The Cowboys are going to be on the prowl to snack on the Eagles this week.
Fluffy's Record Last Week: 3-0
Fluffy's Season Record: 14-7

Be sure to change the litter box for your feline friends and then make your picks in Pick Em!

Supernaw Runs Through Tackles for a 30-yard Gain!

Tennessee Titans tight end Phillip Supernaw breaks through tackles for a 30-yard gain on a pass from QB Marcus Mariota!


Eagles @ Cowboys 33 comments
Cardinals @ Panthers 27 comments
Jaguars @ Titans 23 comments
Seahawks @ Saints 23 comments
Packers @ Falcons 22 comments
Chargers @ Broncos 18 comments

Guess the NFL Rookie!

Who will be the NFL RUSH Rookie of the Year?

Before you find out, let's make sure you know your NFL Rookie players!

Here are three clues:

1. I scored my first his first NFL touchdown against the Dallas Cowboys making the score 13-9.

2. I played for the Oklahoma Sooners football team.

3. I was drafted in the 2nd round of the NFL draft- the 40th pick overall.

Derrick Henry Breaks Through in Week 8!

Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry has an impressive showing against the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 8! 

Richard Sherman Is... a Wizard?!

Richard Sherman was spotted rocking a Harry Potter robe and holding a replica of Albus Dumbledore's wand in his right hand. The Harry Potter theme song played on his phone.

What are you dressing up for this Halloween?

Titans Grab 4th Win of the Season!

The Tennessee Titans teamed up to take down the Jacksonville Jaguars with a final score of 36-22 in Week 8! 

Can't-Miss Play: Murray Changes Direction for the TD!

Tennessee Titans running back DeMarco Murray changes direction for the 14-yard TD run off a block by QB Marcus Mariota.

Can't-Miss Play: Robinson Leaps for the 21-yard Reception!

Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Allen Robinson leaps for the 21-yard reception on a pass from QB Blake Bortles.

Touchdown, Derrick Henry!

Tennessee Titans RB Derrick Henry celebrates a touchdown against the Jacksonville Jaguars!

Is Derrick Henry one of the best rookies this season?

Who Will Win Tonight: Jaguars or Titans?!

Get the scoop on the Week 8 match up between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Tennessee Titans!

Which team do you think will win? Shout it out below!

Bert's Picks for Week 8!

This is a picture of me right after the Browns game last week. UGH!

So close… but not close enough. Dawgs, what’s up?! You have the Indians in the World Series and the Cavaliers collecting their championship rings on the same night!

Where are the Browns in all this Cleveland positivity? I’ll tell you where … Beating the Jets this Sunday! Fluffy, don’t even think about it saying it!

Take a look at my underdog picks for week eight, bold below. This time I mean it!. 
New York Jets vs Cleveland Browns. My Dawgs are a good football team. We’ve just been a little bit short on the scoreboard front, game after game. The Jets are coming in a little too confident. Just know this about the Browns, our W-L record does not define us. Browns are going to gnaw on the Jets, come Sunday.

New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills. Week four - 16-0. Remember that game? The Bills marched into Gillette stadium and shut down the Patriots. Sure they have Brady back. Sure they have Gronk back to his old form. But this time they’re going to Buffalo and the Bills are hungry. I think the Bills know something about beating these guys. It’s going to happen again! Mark it. Lift your legs and mark it!

Philadelphia Eagles vs Dallas Cowboys. Well the Cowboys at home are tough. You know it and I know it. Here’s who doesn’t know it, The Eagles. A divisional rival who desperately want to clobber the front runners. It happens this week. Fluffy is probably rooting for “America’s Team” well Fluffy, guess where the Eagles are from? The cradle of liberty! Rock your self goodbye baby! The Eagles will soar!
Last week’s record: 1-2 
Season record: 6-14

Make your picks on NFL Rush Pick 'em and get that Fantasy lineup set! It's going to be an stupendous week eight!

This is Bert signing off.

The Amazing 44-yard Pick 6 by Landon Collins!

New York Giants safety Landon Collins navigates heavy traffic on his way to the end zone at Twickenham for a pick 6!